Plants: Bonita Foliage carries the most commonly used plants acclimated for interior use and we can locate any specialty or specimen plants you might need for your interiorscape installation.

Orchids/Bromeliads: A large variety of orchids and bromeliads are delivered each week for your selection. Other blooming, flowering plants are stocked seasonally. We will do our best to accommodate any special orders your clients request.

Containers: Bonita Foliage maintains a large inventory of containers in a wide range of designs, material, colors and sizes. If we do not have the container of your choice in stock, we can order it for you at no additional cost.

Accessories: Our inventory of plant accessories for professional maintenance includes liners, baskets, moss, cleaners, polish, plant paws and insecticides.

Delivery: Delivery service is available upon request….please call for a quote for your local or out-of-state delivery.

Consultation: Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is available to answer any service or plant questions you might have and our design team can assist in selecting the appropriate plant material for your lighting, space or design needs.

Installation: Bonita Foliage can handle all aspects of the installation including the delivery of all the plant materials, securing the plants in their selected containers and insuring that each plant is protected from causing any water damage to the flooring.

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